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Do It Yourself: Meditation Guides




A Short Introduction to Meditation


High Holiday Guided Meditatation 


Passover Seder Guided Meditation 


Yom Kippur Forgiveness Meditation by Jack Kornfield 


Yom Kippur Quotes on Forgiveness 


Yom Kippur Meditation Script (90 minutes) 








Rabbi David Wolpe on Gratitude (from our June 15, 2014 session)


Rabbi Sheila Weinberg's guided Shalom Meditation (from our July 13, 2014 session) 


Rabbi Alan Lew on Softening the Breath (from our August 10, 2014 session)


Ofra Haza sings Rebbe Nachman's "The Whole World is a Narrow Bridge" (from our September 22, 2014 session)


Rabbi Sheila Weinberg's contemplation on Psalm 27 (from our Septebmer 22, 2014 session)




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